"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list"

Hello, welcome to my attempt at blogging…sounds exciting…kind of. I have honestly lost track of how many blogs I have tried to start but never properly stuck to and worked with. But with the new year now upon me I have decided to give this one a go sine I have a lot of travelling planned in an attempt to satisfy my wanderlust yearning heart. Plus, I could talk for England and I think people get a little sick of me complaining about my lack of Aussie twang or the fact that i’m not soaking up the rays with a cocktail in my hand – so i’ll just put it all on here instead to satisfy the 2 loyal people that read me waffling on …

I am 17 years and I have an unbelievably strong passion to travel. I fell in love with Australia when I went at Christmas and plan to move back there the minute I finish Uni. As much as I love shivering in the rain and a good cup of tea, soaking in the rays on the beach and drowning my body in cocktails sounds a hell of a lot more appealing (see I told you it’s all i waffle on about). I respond to cold much like the way a vampire does to the sunlight…

My name is Charlotte, sometimes Charley, sometimes Char but never Lottie. I am 17 currently still at college, in a town that created it’s nightlife for those over 70. I’m your typical walking cliche … a blonde girl who’s obsessed with travelling, loves dogs, wants to be a journalist and looses her mind whenever Mr. Brightside is played anywhere. I also thrive off conspiracy theories and documentaries (original again – but look into any conspiracy intertwined with the moon and I can assure you, you shall be just as hooked as I am *cough* the moon landing is fake *cough*). My talents range from Beer Pong to Just Dance and my music taste is pretty much anything, when I say that I honestly mean anything. From  The Killers to J. Cole, you name it. It’s all there. Although I would say it’s more towards The Killers style as I have an unhealthy obsession with them. You put them on shuffle I reckon I can probably sing 99.9% of the songs. Much to my families dismay as it’s a regular occurrence – especially on long road trips.

Feel free to comment and message me whenever, my Instagram and tumblr (linked in the bar at the top) contains the majority of my photos from my travels.

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