"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list"

The Blonde Explorer

Hello, welcome to my attempt at blogging…sounds exciting…kind of. I have honestly lost track of how many blogs I have tried to start but never properly stuck to and worked with. But with the new year now upon me I have decided to give this one a go. I have a lot of travelling planned in an attempt to satisfy my wanderlust yearning heart so thought I would start a blog to document it all so that I look back on it and see all the memories as my phone storage is seemingly only capable of having two apps in it…no exaggeration.

I am 17 years old, legally allowed to donate my body to science and to speed down a motorway but sadly, dancing around a Hawaiian beach drinking a sex on the beach is some sort of a crime. I have an unbelievably strong passion to travel. I fell in love with Australia when I went at Christmas and plan to move back there the minute I finish Uni. As much as I love shivering in the rain and a good cup of tea, soaking in the rays on the beach and drowning my body in ice cream sounds a hell of a lot more appealing. I respond to cold much like the way a vampire does to the sunlight…

In case you didn’t already know, my name is Charlotte, sometimes Charley, sometimes Char. I am 17 years old and currently still at college in a town that created it’s nightlife for those over 70. One of my many talents I have acquired is being one of those people that can someone sing loudly and unbelievably out of tune to ANY song that comes on the radio. My music taste ranges from pretty much anything, when I say that I literally mean anything. From  The killers to J. Cole, you name it. Shamefully I even sometimes listen to the likes of Justin Bieber…however, I tend to save that for my workouts…trust me nothing will get you more into squats than blasting ‘Sorry’. Try it and believe me you’ll have a peachy ass in minutes.

Feel free to comment and message me whenever, my Instagram (linked in the bar at the top) contains the majority of my photos from my travel.